Saturday, August 21, 2021

Northumberland Strait, headed for Cape Breton Island

When I last posted, we were in the Shepody, NB area.  Since we wanted to get to Nova Scotia, we had to get up and around the furthest reaches of the Bay of Fundy, which meant skirting through the edges of Moncton.  From there it was more or less a straight shot through Sackville, and into Amherst Nova Scotia.  I'd entered all my details online, so the Covid people would know I was coming, but a quick stop at the information centre at the boundary led me on a road with no checkpoint!

I found a spot to camp on the coast of the Northumberland Strait, but the mosquitoes were so bad I didn't even venture near the water - even with a thick coating of repellent!  In the morning, the humidity was extreme, and everything felt damp.

Needing a swim to cool down we came across Blue Sea Beach Park.  The parking lot was packed with lots of cars and trucks, and the best beach was busy.  But a short run through a mosquito infested trail through the bush got me to a rocky beach with no one anywhere around!  Perfect.

We had to find a less populated spot to spend the night, and did so, but it proved to be thick with hungry mosquitoes again, and the mud shoreline might have been good for clams, but was not great for swimming even if you could have avoided the aerial assault!
Despite the truck purring along contentedly at over 480,000km, it has been asking politely for a new fuel filter and an oil change for a while now.  Not having any luck finding a suitable fast-change place on my own, I finally resorted to asking at a local auto parts store in New Glasgow.  I was informed that it might be difficult to find a place to put the truck and camper on a hoist to get the oil change.  When I told him that usually I just drive in, sit in the truck and wait while they do the work from below, he told me that those type of oil change places are not allowed in Nova Scotia!  No wonder I couldn't find any of them despite looking!  I guess the truck will just have to wait till we are back some where that doesn't do it the hard way ;-).
So, for the next few days it was just swim, in the remarkably warm ocean, catch some rays, swim, find a new beach and repeat ...

There was time for some aerial  recon on occasion.

Discharge from a Nova Scotia power generating station.
Too busy to add more now, so we'll continue in the next post, whenever that is!


  1. Wow,nice to have such privacy at the ocean! Sorry the beauty came with mosquitoes and heat.- Mary

  2. I like those quiet out of the way beach shorelines. I've done the Cabot Trail twice. Once with a Volkswagen van in the mid 80's and once in a 37 foot Motorhome. The motorhome trip a few years ago was definitely a big mistake. Say hello to Hailey for me.