Monday, August 16, 2021

Nova Scotia cruisin' Beaches and a Lighthouse!

 In no particular order ...

 Hailey, enjoying some time on the beach, near Bayfield Beach, NS.  (Nowhere near the Bayfield Bunch!)


Found this carving on a random rock down the shore.  Not sure if it is prehistoric, or more likely done with power tools?  Either way, a pretty good job.
Sunrise, but too many mosquitoes to enjoy it outdoors ...

I'm sure Nova Scotia must have some world record traffic circles.  This is looking into the centre of the circle while driving around it.  Must be at least 500m across.
While most lighthouses tend to be down on the waterfront, this one is on a hill, I think it was some 345 feet above the water.  Reminds me of my days in a fire lookout, but no smoke or fire in these parts.
Sorry, Wheeling It, no tours available!

This beach was too crowded, and the parking too limited, so we didn't stop.

We didn't stay at this park as it was day use only, but we did find a random, free beach not too far away.  Too bad the only other camper to spend the night ran his cheap noisy generator all afternoon and well into the night.  Luckily, we were able to move far enough down the beach that it wasn't a huge problem. 

Sign on an open gate leading into the park ... hmmm?


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  1. Nice photo of Hailey sitting in the sunrise/sunset. And yes there is a few miles between the two Bayfields alright.