Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Signs of the Times! Ontario to Quebec.

So - does wearing a seat belt or a life jacket trump fatigue?  How about a life jacket and a seat belt? 
Seat belts are the first line of defence | 106.9 The X

I'm confused.  What exactly comprises 'camping' in Ontario?  Maybe setting out all your lawn chairs, BBQ, and launching your boat?  Or - just parking a 'camper'?  Hmmm?
Some Ontario provincial parks provide plastic walkways, so you don't get sand on your feet - on the beach!  Ya ya, I know it's for wheelchairs, walkers and the like.

Got held up for a few days near Algonquin - visiting an old friend.  Got toured around the area, and shown many of the sites and highlights.  Had some good food, too!
Lots of pot shops on the nearby reserves - many with great names.  I only managed to record a few pics.

 Nice plant, right beside the gas station. 


 Nice 'cheap' fuel on the reserve as well.  Diesel was 113.9,  and it only cost $15. to fill a 20# propane bottle.  Didn't check out the prices on the other vegetative produce!



I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that this artificial water fall may have been the site of a water powered mill of some sort in previous centuries.  Now, it's a cool, and wet, tourist attraction! 

After a week pretty much on the Quebec border, today we crossed the river and are now into La Belle Province!  The blog is officially up to date, for the first time in a long while!


  1. Wondered where you went..Did you read about the two who had to pay $16,000 instead of getting real shots to cross your border?..Sheesh, it sure has been a long time..eh?
    Take it easy...

  2. Being in Quebec now you had better brush up on your French to understand a lot of those signs you are seeing.