Saturday, August 14, 2021

Fundy National Park, and Alma, NB

 On the way to Fundy National Park!

Salt water swimming pool by the ocean in the park.
We didn't spend much time in the park itself, but we did drive out to see another covered bridge, but the trail we wanted to hike down to the beach had been closed because of some serious erosion problems.  I also left Hailey got guard the rig (nap), and took out my e-bike for a ride around town.
Going through the covered bridge ...(blogger posted the wrong video here - re-loaded the correct one)(but I see that blogger insists on showing the WRONG video here, even though I uploaded the correct one twice!  Way to go Blogger, you suck)(Finally!)

Just outside the park, and across the river is the small town of Alma - here seen from the park campground.
The small harbour of course, is a central attraction with all the lobster boats that are left high and dry (well, perhaps high and muddy) twice a day when the record Bay of Fundy tides change! 

Lobster season is not open, so I guess some of the boats were undergoing some maintenance.

The harbour entrance at low tide!
Next day, I only took a few photos of when the water was back to floating the boats.

Alma, NB.
Next place along the coast we came to was Cape Enrage.

Sometimes the signage was a bit confusing!

There was no overnight camping allowed at Cape Enrage, so we checked out another nearby waterfront location, but it also had signage indicating that it was private :-(

Further along, we stumbled onto this dam and water control structure on the Shepody River, next to the Anderson Hollow lighthouse.
While we watched the gates controlling the water flow automatically opened, releasing the water of the river into the Bay of Fundy.  I presume the gates close during high tides to keep sea water from going further up the river.

We likely could have spent the night right there, as it was a very low traffic area, but we prefer as much peace and quiet as possible, as well as areas where Hailey can get outside without worry about dogs and traffic. 

So, we headed out along the dikes until we found a suitable spot to spend the night.  As usual, it was very warm, humid, and foggy in the morning.  None of this bothered the mosquitoes however!

I think we'll end this post with a couple random shots of a farm tractor hauling a load of hay through the middle of town, and a large building on the move.

Where to next?  Anyone's guess ;-)


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