Sunday, October 30, 2022

Down the west coast

Weather on the mid-Oregon coast was nice when we first arrived, but then turned to a lot of clouds and some rain.  So – we just let the wheels keep on rolling to the south till things picked up a bit.



Hailey loves to get out and hunt on the beach – and dig holes in the sand!


As usual, fuel prices in California are the highest around – yikes!


Spotted a fire burning out along the coast – but fortunately, it was a prescribed fire.


A few paragliders were out doing some ridge soaring at Table Bluff, near Loleta, Ca.


Lots of tiny tracks on the beach in the morning …


Seals?  Nope, surfers!  But there were a few curious seals in the area watching the surfers.


Who is that parked up on Highway 1?



Monday, October 24, 2022

Hit the road just in time! Snowstorms on the way.

Weather around home in Alberta during most of early October was more like August!

Although there was no rush to depart, I took advantage of the good weather to check all the tires, batteries, move the heater from the truck camper and begin the transition.


Nice to be able to do that without tracking snow in and out, and dealing with everything being frozen.  Even found time to discover what was lurking in the backs of most of the cupboards too!  Sat out on lawn chairs in the sun with my neighbour on the last day, enjoying a cold one or two in shirt sleeve weather – while Ms Hailey did her best to keep the mice under control.

But she kept giving hints by going to the trailer door instead of the house!


The week before, it was time for some new rubber on the truck, so we got that out of the way.


Slept in the rig for the last night at home, as the water in the house was off, the heat turned down, and sadly – the hot tub drained and winterized.  We headed out, and locked the high security gate behind us!  Stopped briefly at the vet in town, so Hailey could hiss at them – and get her required vaccination.


After a couple of nights in southern Alberta visiting friends (and watching the approaching weather), it was time to head for the border.  There was no vehicles in line and after the quick usual questions, we were on our way.  It was overcast and raining much of the way, but started to clear up a bit as we passed Sandpoint, ID.


Road-side sign wavers were out along the highway in Coeur d’Alene.  It must be election season!


We headed west on I-90 through Spokane, then veered south on the 395 down through the tri-cities area.  Fuel prices were pretty scary all along, but if you just don’t look, it doesn’t hurt quite as much.




The first crossing of the Columbia.


Strangely, because of the way the river curves, we crossed the Columbia River while southbound, but then got to continue west on it’s northern (Washington state) shore.IMG_9768IMG_9769


Overnight parking is no longer allowed at our old favourite spot at the John Day dam, but some previous scouting found a very nice alternative – without all the train and highway noise, or wind.  I was very surprised to find a decent cell phone signal, and was able to spend the night online.


In the morning, we continued on westward along the river – while getting reports and photos of all the snow that had fallen in Alberta – in places we had only recently departed.  Our timing this year was impeccable!  I have yet to see a snowflake!IMG_9779IMG_9780

At Biggs Junction, we crossed the Columbia again, and continued west on I-84 on the Oregon side.




Mount Hood. (I guess distant snow doesn’t count?)




With some luck (or was it planning?) we passed through Portland mid day on Sunday, so traffic was only moderate with no delays.

Before long, we hit the coast!  Now we can slow down and start enjoying ourselves.


It might rain in a few days, but you don’t need to shovel rain Winking smile.


Stay tuned …