Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Sailing on the Bay of Fundy

After a couple of false starts, we got on the ferry to Deer Island, NB, which is actually closer to Maine than it is to the mainland of New Brunswick.
We spent a few days visiting on the island, and getting out on the sailboat again!
Though we weren't really looking for whales, we were soon surrounded by whale watching boats!  We did see a few whales and lots of dolphins, but with only my iphone, decent photos of sea life were not to be had.


There were a few calm periods, not good for sailing, so I took advantage of the conditions to get up for an aerial view of the boat and area.

It was my first time launching and retrieving from a boat - not an easy task when it is in constant motion, and festooned with sails, wires, ropes, etc!
We also met up with a few other local sailors on occasion ...
Other times, the flights were from onshore, to check the boats at their moorings and to have a look around the area.
While on Deer Island, I noticed that Marlene and Benno were camped nearby on the mainland!

I think it was yesterday, that the Canadian land border opened to fully vaccinated Americans for the first time in about 18 months.  It doesn't make sense that they can come north, and we can't go south - yet.  But of course, it has never made sense that you can't drive across in your own self-contained RV, but it has be legal to fly across the border with hundred of others in a closed airplane!  But, as long as they open the southern border for the winter, that's ok with me.

Stay tuned to see where we end up next ...



  1. I was only on a sailboat once in my life (2 days) and the memories are still pleasantly vivid of that. Always nice to see those drone pictures for a different perspective on things. You certainly know how to get around to see and do things. Yes, I totally agree with you about that border fiasco. No sense or logic in those decisions. Stupidity seems to rule these days!! I guess it's a sign of the times.

  2. Too bad we didn't get together, but perhaps there will be another chance. Benno wasn't sure if he was going to be allowed to fly his drone so left it at home. We will pack it next time just in case. A bit envious about the sailing you did. Loved your photos!