Monday, October 28, 2019

Finally, an update, and Back on the Road Southbound!

During the late summer and early fall, we were on the move quite a bit, with several camping expeditions.  One of my usual places to haunt is to the west in neighbouring BC.

 Back at home, Hailey's cat nip plants had a good growing season.
 We managed to hook up with a college classmate and his wife on one of the trips!

And one of the trips was just into the bush country to the west, where wild horses roam freely!
Luckily, the horses we were riding were a bit less wild!

Bee for you knew it, fall was upon us and the leaves had all changed!

And fallen off.

At the end of one short road trip, it all ended.  Time to pull the 'summer camper' off and hook up for the winter.

 Hailey couldn't find her mice friends under the snow.
 Then it got really serious for a few days ...

It wasn't actually as bad as it looks.  After a week or so, all the snow melted away, and the weather was pretty decent.  But given that sample of what was in store, it was clearly time to depart before traveling conditions deteriorated again.

 Not worth washing the truck, if it was going to get filthy all over again.

 As usual, we installed the high security gate across the driveway to keep the place secure while we are gone!
 Hailey assumed her favourite spot in the 5th wheel.
 And we were off.  We crossed the border on October 24th into Idaho, then shortly hung a right into Washington.  After a night at our usual spot by the John Day dam on the Columbia river, we headed into Oregon.

Usually we tend to cut through Portland to the coast at Lincoln City, with a night at the Evergreen Space Museum in McMInnville - home of the Spruce Goose.  But this time we decided to head down through Bend, and visited some friends there we hadn't seen in quite a while.

After a day checking out the Umpqua Hot Springs, we headed for the coast at Bandon.
Likely we will continue down the coast for a ways into California, as long as there are no fires in the area.

 Till the next post ...