Friday, November 04, 2016

Humboldt Bay Pelican Air Force

It was hard to get away from the Humboldt Bay area.  The weather was warm and sunny, the surf was pounding, and there was lots of wildlife and other things going on.  We drove down onto the 4 mile long spit leading to the south jetty.IMG_1719

Waves were rolling in, even into the sheltered river mouth. Seals or sea lions were lounging on many of these buoys in the channel.  They must be going deaf because the buoys also have large bells that ring continuously in the rough water.  I could hear them from a half mile away, so I can only imagine the volume up close!IMG_1700

It wasn’t busy, but there were a few boats coming and going.  The coast guard cutter was coming back into port …



And a tug was leaving port pulling a barge full of – wood chips?IMG_1625IMG_1629IMG_1632IMG_1635IMG_1637IMG_1639IMG_1640IMG_1638IMG_1621

The Pelican air force was on patrol.


Hey, something looks fishy down there!  Dive, dive dive!IMG_1572IMG_1604


Got ‘em!  Tastes a little fishy though …Winking smile  And quit wiggling so much, I’m trying to swallow.IMG_1578IMG_1615IMG_1595IMG_1596IMG_1597

Lets try landing a different way.IMG_1564

Ok, landing gear down and locked…IMG_1563

Drat! Headfirst again.  Some day I’ll get the hang of this!IMG_1565

Other fishers were out as well.


Others were just sitting in the sun – waiting for a meal to approach..


That’s enough photos for this post – and I’ve got enough left over for another post or two.  Stay tuned.


  1. Great pix of the Pelican!

  2. Great photos, you find such cool places to park.

  3. I wonder how many people know a 'back-up license' is required for anyone ever having to back up any kind of trailer. You obviously have yours and I have mine but when Trudeau pushes the new 'back-up bill' through the house it will become mandatory all across the country requiring everyone to have a first class back-up license even for backing up their new Smart Cars, Walmart carts or Dodge mini-vans............:))