Monday, November 07, 2016

Backing up the California Coast

There was lots more scenery and wildlife on display at the Mike Thompson Wildlife Area on Humboldt Bay on the north California coast.

IMG_1686 - CopyIMG_1688 - CopyIMG_1684IMG_1683IMG_1682

This was obviously a meeting spot for the one-legged shorebird society!  I believe that some of them were faking it, just trying to fit in, but I was amazed that some of them would hop around a considerable distance on the one leg, without bothering to put the other one down.IMG_1680IMG_1675 - CopyIMG_1674 - CopyIMG_1673IMG_1665IMG_3701IMG_3699

There were quite a few white-tailed deer in the dunes area.




I disturbed this couple having a little hanky panky just back of the beach.


When it was time to leave, I had thought we were going to get on the 101 again and make a mile south.  But passing through Loleta, there is another road headed out to the coast that just begged to be explored.  With only 4 1/2 months to spare, it was decided there was time to check it out.  Part way down there was a boat launch turn off, and a bridge leading to an island with some possible riverside camp spots – as viewed on Google Earth.  The boat launch was totally clogged with floating logs and debris.  The turn from the boat launch to the bridge was too steep and sharp, so we had to back out of the boat launch onto the road in order to continue on across the bridge to the island.  Well it was a very very narrow bridge as it turns out.  I’m sure there was less than a foot clearance on either side from the wheels of the trailer.



After crossing the bridge we went 1000 yards (measured on Google Earth), before coming to a complete dead end.  No turn around.  So back up we went, all 1000 yds, and never once did we have to go forward to straighten out!  After getting to the turning location we re-crossed the skinny bridge back to the mainland, before resuming our original route down to the beach, which also appeared to have some promise for camping when viewed from a satellite.  Nope.  That’s the end of the road, ocean just beyond, and once again, NO turn around Winking smile.


Well, BACK we went again, this time having to back up and over a short but steep bridge without being able to see behind.   This time it was merely 500 yards or so. 

And what are YOU staring at??  Haven’t you ever seen anyone come backing over that bridge before?


At least she had a tag in her ear.  Strangely, it appeared that they had been cut out from most of the rest of the herd?


Next post – leaving the coast, headed for high mountain passes.


  1. Those one-legged sandpipers are neat!

  2. You have really mastered your reverse skills! Great pictures!