Friday, December 02, 2022

Quartzsite,Az Visiting, Biking, Beaching!

We pulled into our ‘usual’ spot south of Quartzsite, after a noisy overnight up on Plomosa rd.  So nice to find most of these areas completely devoid of garbage and trash, when compared to Six Mile Cove up on Lake Mohave.  No need for my picker here.

We knew that Deb & Riley, and Doug and Yuma were somewhere fairly close, over on Palm Canyon road, I thought.  But a drive over there didn’t turn them up, but a bit of detective work found their camp not far away!

I invaded their camp one morning, and fortunately caught them all at home, preparing for a jeep excursion into the mountains.  I was surprised that Deb recognized me (or my truck), as I don’t think we’ve ever met, though we often travel in the same areas.  I had only met Doug & Yuma once, years ago at one of the first Bloggerfests here at Quartzsite.


We had a good chat in the sun, and got each other up to date!

Spotted this unique Saguaro along the way.  That’s Palm Canyon back in the distance.


It’s been decent beach weather lately, though there is no water to be found.  In the wash, however, the debris shows that the water has been up to about 4’ deep during some of the recent monsoons.  It would be an impressive sight to see!


Hailey loves these trees that she can climb.


She is very well camouflaged, and can disappear with a moments inattention, despite the large bell on her collar.  But the Apple Airtag is my secret weapon in locating her wherever she is Winking smile


On a drive near town, we spotted this very unique boat/RV, though I don’t think it would float well any more with the entrance in the side.  It is on a long low trailer so it appears to still be mobile.  Too bad it wasn’t at the Yacht Club downtown!


The bike has been making a few miles back on the desert trails.


Somebody had a bad day while out camping …  hope no one was hurt.


It didn’t take long for the hummers to find the feeder.



Well, lets hope Blogger sees fit to update this blog onto the usual sidebars!  After three posts that went without update, it eventually updated – about two days late.


  1. You showed up on the sidebar!!
    We too saw the boat and wondered but didn't see the door from our view. Very cute! Doug and I also stopped at the burned out rig, very sad.
    Love the beach foot pic, very creative!! Miss Hailey is a climber and she's well hidden in those trees.
    It was really nice to meet you and we're glad you came by and introduced yourself.


    1. Thanks. I'm glad Blogger decided to update properly - this time.

  2. Alls right with you and Blogger now, Ivan. Your kitty gets around so the secret tracker is a good idea. I've never seen that crowned saguaro around there. They are rare and hard to find. I've never had more than one or two hummers at my feeder. I need to get closer to some trees and brush, I guess.

  3. That was great you were able to track down Deb, Riley, Doug, and Yuma. I think Gaelyn from Geogypsy is in that area now as well. I have never seen that crested Saguaro either. I still remember our Jeep drive to Horse Tank off King Road also in that area. Hailey's tracker is good thing too. I was wondering if that is part of what I could see around her neck. Not much new up here in the frozen north. Same old-Same old:((

  4. Hailey is quite the climber! Those tags would be great for my pup!!