Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Southern California, to Arizona, and back again!

We’d been camped in the southern end of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for about a week of great weather, hiking, and touring around.  We were starting to run a bit low on propane, fuel, and groceries.  All of that is considerably cheaper in Arizona than California.  As well, an epic with Amazon orders seemed to be finally coming to an end.  We were still up in Quartzsite at the beginning of December when we made the order – planning to pick it up in Yuma a few days later.  Well, it was a never ending saga of delays, lies, misinformation, cancellations, refunds, re-orders, and more bureaucracy.  But Amazon was telling me that the items were finally being delivered at a locker in Yuma!  So, we hooked up and headed over to make a temporary base on Ogilby road.  I was able to meet up with Doug & Yuma (Missadventure Travels), Deb & Riley (On a Long and Lonesome Highway) again for a happy hour and got to meet Tom & Deb (Celebrating the Dance) as well.

IMG_0388The next morning we headed into Yuma, and managed to do all the laundry, deliver recycling to the recycling center, get propane, a bite to eat, fuel, groceries, and both the Amazon parcels!

I just noticed now in the photo, that trespassing at the Circle K is not allowed!


I was set up on Ogilby Road about where Wandering Willy and I had camped quite a few years ago.  But after the peace and quiet at Anza-Borrego, the sound of the trains going by at all hours, traffic on the S2, and other campers in all directions was not my kind of place, and after two nights, we headed back west.  It wasn’t as busy with campers as I’ve seen it there, and there were thankfully few ATV’s racing around, but there was little privacy and no silence to be found.


Had to evict this huge grasshopper off the solar panels in the morning.  He was so cold he could barely move in the early morning chill.


Once back in Anza-Borrego, we managed to get ‘our’ favourite spot this time, which was a bonus!


Only one other camper in the area, and no trains, traffic, atv’s or generators!


I don’t want to jinx anything, but the weather has been fantastic, and very little wind which is rare. It is especially enjoyable when you hear about the huge storms, blizzards, and snow over much of the US and Canada, from coast to coast.  Only this little south-western corner seems to have been spared!


Strands of barbed wire still strewn about as rusting reminders of when cattle must have grazed here.


Ms Hailey, sporting her tags, bells, and Apple Air Tag!


Took a Boxing Day hike down through Sin Nombre canyon.  Some very scenic and stunning formations on all sides.



There is a vehicle trail through the main canyon, but I also toured some slot canyons off the sides.


On another hike, I got up into some high country, with awesome views all around.


State route S2 at Sweeny Passvlcsnap-2022-12-26-20h24m58s457


And, a view back towards our camp.


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  1. It was a surprise to see you again, nice to see you again too. Love the photos. Miss Hailey seems to have more neck ware than many women.


  2. You have some great Hailey photos there. Thought I recognized something in one of your photos so I think I know where you are and the area you are in. Wish we were there........