Sunday, December 11, 2022

Heading for the Border

We’d spent our entire two week allotment of free camping near Quartzsite, and it was time to move on.

So, we headed for the border.  Yuma, that is!

Our usual spot off Sidewinder road (just across the line into California) was open, but the nearest rigs were a bit too close, so we found another spot with more privacy nearby.


After a couple of days to settle in, we headed over one morning to the Pilot Knob area to check on Doug, Yuma, and the White Lion!  Doug has been having a few issues getting the big rig to start, but much to his surprise and pleasure, it started right up while I was there!

A few days later, I saw a white truck approaching my camp, and it turned out to be Deb and Riley, as well as Doug and Yuma in the back seat.  They were headed out on a mission to find some ice cream, or some date shakes, and they invited me along.  Despite my ‘busy schedule’ Winking smile, I was glad to go along.  Unfortunately, the Date Shake place on S24 has closed permanently, but we were able to score some sweet grapefruit nearby at $3 a bag!


IMG_0228Deb and Riley had not been to Mittry Lake before, so Doug and I talked them into a circle route, coming back into Arizona and down past Mittry Lake. 

You cross the remains of the Colorado River along the way.


Unlike most BLM boondocking areas, this area is administered by Fish & Game I believe and you are allowed 10 days/year camping here according to the signs.  I have camped here a few times in the past, and was virtually without cell service. I was pleased to note that there was excellent service here now – at least on AT&T!


After a brief stop at Walmart, they dropped me back at my camp.

There are a few grasshoppers and one or two lizards around to keep Hailey entertained.



Some of them are trophy size!


The switch controlling my front landing gear had reached the end of it’s life, so I followed Google directions into Yuma to an RV parts place.  I drove by this place and it looked like it had closed a decade or two ago.  But when I stopped nearby to find an alternative, it appeared like the front door was open.  Sure enough, it is still open for business, despite outside appearances!


IMG_0218Fuel prices are of course crazy high this year, but I found this diesel at bit cheaper than most in the area, so I filled my spare can here as well, in anticipation of possibly spending some more time in California – where everything is ‘known to cause cancer’, and prices are higher!IMG_0233

For those wishing to compare fuel prices between US and Canada, this web site at  will convert the cost from Us dollars per Us gallon to Canadian dollars per liter, at the present exchange rate.  It will convert prices in both directions.


When in the Yuma area, of course one has to make at least a few visits across the line to Algodones, Mx.  I got a $5 ‘medium’ haircut.  Checked out the price of new glasses, and of course stopped for breakfast and beer, before joining the line going back into the US!

IMG_0240Back home, I found several of Hailey’s playmates trying to get inside to play with her – or perhaps they were just taunting her from outside?



I basically never use my awning.  The sun is generally too low in the winter for it to provide shade – besides, I want sun, not shade.  But once or twice a year, I just run it out to let it dry off, then fold it up again.  Today was that day.


Hiked up nearby Pilot Knob, for a good look around, and across the fence into Mexico.  Not sure why, but there is a large open gate in the fence along the canal.  But we’ll save that for the next installment!


  1. Thanks for coming along, it’s always good to have more than one guide. The grapefruit are wonderful.
    Hailey’s playmates are big. I’m sure she enjoys the hunt.


  2. The grasshoppers are epic this year, probably because of so much greenery to eat. I LOVE LOVE Hailey ... she must be having fun chasing the critters.

  3. I hear those big grasshoppers make a mighty fine desert stew. The color and clarity in your photos is bang on. You must be using one of those darn new fangled smart ass phones eh. It's not easy sitting here in the cold again looking at everybody's great pictures of the desert and mountains I miss so much. I think if I ever get across that border again I am going to simply disappear to a nice warm place and stay there forever. Say hello to the desert and maybe kick a few stones around for me will ya:))

  4. Found diesel at ARCO in Yuma for $4.29/gal before finding a camp along American Girl Mine Rd yesterday.

    1. Anonymous2:49 pm

      Thanks! It seems like the prices are starting to come down just a bit. Ivan