Thursday, November 24, 2022

Blogger hiding my posts!

 Well, my last two blog posts have never showed up on the sidebars of other blogs that link to mine.

And most of the readers find the blog from those links - which have not been updated!

All I can think of is that Blogger doesn't like my use of Open Live Writer to edit my blog?

Thanks a lot Blogger :-(

If this one shows up, feel free to go back and check the last two posts that you likely missed!


  1. Anonymous6:18 pm

    They show up on my RSS feed, always enjoy reading them too.

    1. Thanks for that. But even this post using the Blogger editor is not showing up on the other blog sidebars - and that's where the majority of my visitors come from. I guess my blog is blacklisted by blogger!

  2. Even the blogger only post didn’t show up. I hope they get it figured out, what a pain in the XXX after making the post and it not working. I simply have you bookmarked and can check every morning when I do my blog reading.


  3. Blogger seems to not really care about the issues that they have and they seem to be becoming more frequent.

  4. Found you on Al's sidebar at 9:20 am Sunday. I use a cheap little Android phone from Wal-Mart. Always enjoy your blog - but never comment. Love your kitty cat & the desert.

  5. Our's has done the same but it still publishes. Readers just have to go looking to find it. eventually it will straighten around.
    Glad to see you met up with Deb and Riley.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Thank you for coming by Ivan. We had a great visit with you and certainly you caught us before you left. Surprising that even though Deb has never met you, she recognized your truck and new who you were. Hope to see you in Yuma. Your post is showing correctly now on my sidebar as 2 days old.