Thursday, November 24, 2022

Changing Time Zones easier than re-setting clocks!

(For unknown reasons, my previous blog post did not show up on the sidebar of any other blogs, so you way well have missed it, if that’s the way you usually get here!  Maybe Blogger is just upset that I’m using Open Live Writer?  Time will tell if this one updates properly …)   In case you missed it, here’s a LINK to the last post.

IMG_0085IMG_0058We had a very enjoyable week long stay at Six Mile Cove on Lake Mohave (Colorado River), within Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  There was a fairly constant wind that attracted a few kite boarders, but it may have also kept any bugs away?

It was very quiet there overall, and there were a couple of days when there was no one else there at all.  We had the whole place to ourselves!  Even on a weekend!  At most, there might have been four rigs there for a couple of the nights – mostly just small RV’s and a van or two.  No noise, traffic, music, or annoying generators.

It appears that this place can turn into quite a zoo in summer, as evidenced by these two screen shots I took from youtube videos!


You wouldn’t catch me here in a million years with crowds like this.  I imagine the washboard on the six mile access road must have been intense with that amount of traffic.

It does appear from these photos though, that there are only a few RV’s to spend the night, but I expect that the long weekend ‘day’ users may have been partying a good part of the night as well?vlcsnap-2022-11-24-09h48m04s182

This time at least the road in was in pretty good condition, with minimal washboard.

Not much of a crowd here!


Last year at this time, the park had two gate lanes open, but this year I did not see it in operation, but the Ranger did make an appearance at the cove most days, and park staff did come to clean the outhouses.


We had a problem though!  With the end of daylight savings time, several timepieces refused to accept the change – so we had no choice but to leave, and search out more timely locations!  Right across the lake was Arizona, which doesn’t use dsl, so when we got there, all the clocks were happy again!

Driving past Laughlin to Bullhead City.


Our intended destination was the Quartzsite area, so after partaking of some slightly cheaper fuel in Fort Mohave, we continued down through Lake Havasu, only stopping there to eat and stock up the food supply.  By the time we were approaching Quartzsite, it was almost dusk, so it was an easy decision to head a ways down Plomosa road to find a spot just to spend the night.


After a quick bite to eat, and a ‘cat-walk’ for Hailey, we tried to hit the sack.  But unfortunately, the blare of music from a group across the road even drowned out my radio playing inside my rig!  Not having set up at all, it was easy to re-locate a mile or so further down the road, where at least the volume of noise was tolerable.  I saw another rig pull out at the same time – likely for the same reason?  I usually try to camp as far as possible from others, just to avoid situations like this.  Sure glad I wasn’t all set up and unhooked.


Hailey likes to keep on top of the news!


IMG_0100In the morning, we topped off the propane in Quartzsite, and headed out to our recent favourite spot, at least a half mile from the nearest neighbour.  Perfect!




  1. You're right. My blog has not updated your link for two weeks even though you have posted several times. Now I know to check the link daily to see if you have updated. Hopefully, the problem is solved soon. If it isn't one thing it's another.

  2. Nothing updated on my blog either. You do find some interesting places to park.
    We had trouble with one phone but not the other curing time zone changes but it eventually changed after we were a distance from the time line.
    Miss Hailey looks very relaxed and sleepy in a photo in one of your blog posts, enjoying the sun!