Monday, April 04, 2016

Southern California Coast

Well, we hit the California coast at Cambria and were heading north – as slowly as we could manage.  Unfortunately, our arrival coincided pretty much with an Easter weekend with great weather.  So you can see the problem!  Traffic was pretty heavy till we vacated the highway near Kirk Creek.  A forestry road winds up and away from the coast at this point, but there are quite a few wide pull-outs, even though the road itself is one lane in many spots.  Our usual spot was available, so we ‘holed up’ for the weekend till the traffic cleared.  A couple of neighbours shared the area including, believe it or not – a white rabbit on Easter! 


A couple of German girls were also tenting there, and provided me with some chocolate easter eggs after coming over in the evening while I showed them photos and videos of my summer work – and of course of Hailey in the helicopter Winking smile.


An excellent hiking trail starts nearby, leading up to some remote campgrounds and providing some breathtaking scenery.


Again, what a change in terrain and colour and vegetation from the desert and the dunes …IMG_2985IMG_2984

I put a few miles on the trail and more than a few hundred feet of vertical, but with the telephoto I could still get a glimpse back to where Hailey was guarding the trailer and truck – sleeping no doubt.IMG_1229IMG_1228IMG_1227IMG_2980IMG_2978IMG_6339


The wild brown easter bunnies were out as well.


Better save some photos for the next post …


  1. Looks like you found your "special place". Nice pics!


  2. That looks like a long way down!

  3. I see you found the forest service road. We have parked there. Great view!