Wednesday, April 06, 2016

More California Coast

Lots of photos, but not that much to say …

Not wanting to endure the busy long weekend traffic, we continued to hang out near Kirk Creek on the south California coast.IMG_1243IMG_1222IMG_1178IMG_1179IMG_1177IMG_2949

Down by the water, the waves put on an endless show …



Some of the rocks were pretty weird as well.


Up on the hiking trails, the views were stunning and the weather was warm and sunny and perfect.


The trail crews had been hard at work maintaining the route, and had stashed their hand tools for the weekend.IMG_2969IMG_2949IMG_2948

Once the weekend traffic cleared we resumed our slow move up the coast, stopping wherever the views required some contemplation, and ‘camping’ in some unconventional spots!


Hailey is always entertained – and entertaining!IMG_2994

Sometimes, she gets a bit close to the edge.


“I wonder what otter tastes like?”IMG_3017

“Just wait till the gopher pops his head up again!”IMG_3016

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