Monday, July 26, 2021

More Spring Travels - getting caught up.

 In late May we were camped out along the Clearwater river, not too far from home.  The Ruffed Grouse were doing their drumming dances to attract the ladies.  I managed to sneak a camera in to his dance floor!


He put on a pretty good performance.  Too bad I can't find the videos just now.  That's one of the advantages of trying to do your blog several months after the fact!
Back at home, this Great Gray owl was not at all shy, or afraid.


After a few days at home, it was time for another road trip!  This time we headed east, into Saskatchewan.


 We visited Prince Albert National Park for a few days.  The new bike was great for exploring the back woods trails, as well as those around town.

The water was just warm enough for swimming, so we took advantage of every beach we found, usually in the middle of nowhere.

And the hammock got some use as well!

I shared a few isolated beaches with the wolves!

Hailey was out on the beach too, hunting dragon flies, and watching the loons.

 We managed to stay home for a few weeks cleaning up, getting 2nd dose, mowing, and doing minor repairs.  Strangely, almost zero mosquitoes here this year. The cliff swallows were back in good numbers, but no barn swallows or tree swallows, no hummingbirds seen, my mountain blue birds were not back, and none of my bird houses were occupied :-(.
 In later June, Ernie & Deb stopped by, for my first real company in a year!  I toured them up to Limestone fire lookout, sadly vacant this year due to budget cutbacks.  I flew in here many times when I was working to bring supplies and water to the lookout.

We stopped along the way to look at one of the bands of wild horses that inhabit the foothills.
Late June was pretty warm around home, and we actually had to resort to opening all the windows all night, and closing them during the day.  And out of necessity, the river that runs by became a refreshing place for a dip a couple of times a day!
At the start of July, we headed back into British Columbia for some great lake camping.  But you'll have to read about that in the next blog update!
Who would believe it?  Next blog post going live July 28 @0600hrs (just not sure what time zone that is!)


  1. You've got some great photos there Ivan and I especially like the last one with little Hailey asleep on your arm. You two are quite the travelers.

  2. Skeeters are bad down here off 97....Not one bat, usually they are taking care of business...I miss them..
    Powers been off for 3.5 hrs...Storm headed north across our border. Watch out!