Sunday, October 11, 2020

Back on Mainland British Columbia (you've never seen Hell's Gate like this)

(Thanks Blogger, for finally letting my post show up on time!)

 It was early August when we departed Vancouver Island on the ferry from Sidney to Tsawwassen.  

Getting out of the Vancouver urban area was a priority, so we picked up the Trans-Canada highway and headed east.  Beyond Hope(!), most of the traffic now follows the newer Coquihalla highway to Kamloops, but for a change we turned north and followed the original route which parallels the Fraser river canyon.  The first overnight spot we found had a great view of the river, but we were right beside the railroad track, and not far from the highway.  Lots of trains rumbling by in the night ...

There are a lot of tunnels along this section of highway.

And, one low-flying helicopter!

And, more tunnels!

Then we came to the amazing Hell's Gate canyon on the Fraser river.  Been by here before, but because of the deep, steep gorge, you really can't see anything from the road.  There is a gondola, but I was not sure it was running - due to Covid concerns.  So - I fired up my secret weapon and went and had a really good look! (Sorry these photos came out so dark)

You can see the gondola car far below as it reaches the bottom.

Watch these videos to see the force of the water through the canyon! 
Watch them FULL-SCREEN!

Not far above Hell's Gate, the two railroads that follow opposite banks of the river cross over here.  So, a closer look was in order.  Unfortunately, there were no trains at the time to add colour to the pictures.

I just discovered Take To The Highway blog.  The author rides the Rocky Mountaineer train through this section of track and has some great photos from that perspective.  Check it out!  Later, the train trip also goes through several National Parks where I worked for years, so there were some very familiar views there for me.

I think I will end this post here, and see if Blogger cooperates this time, or keeps my blog hidden from other's sidebars!  Here's hoping ...!


  1. You were near the top of my sidebar when we walked in.
    Great Pictures of amazing scenery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It seems to have worked this time (!), for unknown reasons..Lets hope it lasts!

  2. Your blog appears as usual in my 'Reading List', but not in my blogs sidebar, I'll still be following along :)

    We've traveled the area a couple times in the RV and believe it to be some of the BC has to offer. My daughter and family took the train from Vancouver to the Calgary Stampede, as you mention Suzanne does a great job of presenting the trip on her blog.

    1. Ivan - I removed you from the sidebar and added you back. Now sows up on the sidebar and within the reading list. Hope that helps other of your readers

    2. Thanks Jeff! I don't know what is different this time, but the blog seemed to update well on most other blog sidebars. I wish it was somehow predictable, or that there was any support whatsoever from Google and Blogger. My previous problems with the setup in Blogger went unchecked for years, and were only cured when they came out with the new version.

  3. In the late 80's my son and I took VIA rail from Montreal to Vancouver and several years earlier had driven the trans Canada highway so I've seen the tunnel from both perspectives. Traveling the canyon is amazing no matter how you do it.