Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two Week Limit

As most boondockers know, there is usually a 14 day limit for camping on Forest Service or BLM land in the SW states.  Usually, I’m bored and ready to move on even before the 2 weeks are up – even though it is rarely enforced in most areas.  I also try to keep my blog within the 2 week limit, so here I am again, already Winking smile.

I was worried that the weather might have been a bit cool this time of year in the Sedona area, but other than some cool nights, it provided some great hiking weather, and no rain that threatened to turn the access road into my camp to quagmire.

Almost every morning, better than an alarm clock (what is an alarm clock anyway?) I awoke to see one or more hot air balloons approaching, without even having to lift my head off the pillow. 


I was greatly impressed to see how accurate the pilots are able to land these things – right in the parking lot of one of the pickup locations.  But then, I discovered that they ‘cheat’ just a little bit!  Since they can only control the distance they fly, and not really the direction, I now see that they land as close to the road as is practical, then unload some of the passengers, and add a bit of lift so that they can walk and drag the craft over to an appropriate final resting spot.


Meanwhile, I seem to have managed to fry my 1500w inverter by accidentally connecting it to the same circuit as my generator.  Not a good plan!  I was forced to use my backup 400w inverter for a few nights, but it has a fan that runs constantly, and is almost as annoying as listening to a generator!  I shopped around in Prescott Valley and soon picked up a 1250w inverter from O’reilly auto parts. But after about 1 day of use it smelled of burning wiring and sparks erupted inside – without any connection errors.  They were happy to swap it for a new one in Sedona, but that one only worked for a few hours before I realized it was only producing about 1/2 the needed voltage.  It managed to fry the power supplies to my router and cordless phone in the process. Luckily, I have backups.  I took it back and got a refund after they tested it in the store and it wouldn’t even power their fan.  After that, I picked up a new 1000w one at Auto Zone, and have been happy with the power ever since.

I found this item in the Ace Hardware in Sedona, and had never seen one before.  Anyone know what it is?  I do now.


In the washroom of another business in Sedona, I saw these two signs!


While on signs; there were warning signs on several of the hiking trails I enjoyed around Sedona and Oak creek.


On the home front, I put up a new removable shelf by the bedroom window, so Hailey would have a good place to sit and be able to see outside.  So far, she refuses to sit there, and even ignores the treats I place on it for her!


Back in camp, there have been a few visitors – sometimes at night.


Packrat?  Or …?


I guess I’d better end off this rather long post with some more hiking photos!


As we departed camp for the last time today, I was surprised to see an antelope spooked up nearby!  Too bad my good camera was not in the cab at the time.imageIMG_1884IMG_1883

We’re off to somewhere, but won’t know where till we get there …


Finally (Drum Roll), I have not one, but two new Photospheres to show you.

First one is at Fay Canyon Arch, and the second is up on Cathedral Rock, both near Sedona, Az.  Better check them both out!


These are 360 degree x 360 degree photos and you can zoom in to get close up views as well!


  1. I think the round thing picks up pecans from the ground. I like the new Photospheres. Keep it up!

  2. Yes, that device is for picking up pecans or other such nuts from the ground. At least that is what they are used for around here.

  3. Too funny that Hailey won't use the new shelf. Typical cat behavior!

  4. Upriverdavid11:47 pm

    Seeing you in the same picture as Hailey...She is one big Kitty-Kat.....I know..Just large boned..Someone is eating quite well...
    Glad to see you both with smiles and no snow on your heads...