Wednesday, August 03, 2022

More Summer Lake Camping


Well, here goes with the first post in several years – Using Open Live Writer!

Lets hope it works?

Nice to be able to just drag n drop photos, BESIDE each other, an almost impossibility with the Blogger editor.  And to be able to do it – offline – when required!

Trying to get caught up a bit here …

On the way back from one of my week-long lake camping spells, it was the first day of a long weekend.  What looked like a fairly minor accident on Highway 1, almost instantly caused a kilometers-long back up of traffic, fortunately going the other direction!


Meanwhile, back at the lake, the waterfowl were out on patrol.



the Merganzer family,IMG_7487_thumb1

and the long-eared duck?  No – wait!  Those are mooses!


It was becoming a very windy day, when I realized that the cow moose was attempting to swim across the lake (about a kilometer) to the far shore.  The calf was not impressed, and I could hear him bawling his displeasure.  Finally, he had had enough, and turned around and headed back to the near shore.



When they made it to shore, the little guy just stood there in the knee deep water, for a long while …


before they both headed back into the bush.

IMG_7522_thumb1I haven’t seen any hummingbirds around home for the last few years, but there were a few at my lakefront camp spot to check out the feeder.



Back home, Hailey kicks back while I get caught up on some football action.


Some previous visitors built a lot of (illegal) structures that deface the natural scenery.


This spot had lots of shade to keep the camper cool,


but my long cord enabled the solar panels to keep the e-bike, helicopter batteries, laptop, and everything else fully charged.


I paddled my little inflatable kayak across the lake one morning when it was calm – to check out the deep inlet and waterfall on the far shore.

IMG_9170---Copy_thumb2IMG_9173---Copy_thumb2IMG_9169_thumb1Of course, when I came out of the inlet, the wind had picked up and it was a rougher paddle back across the lake.

And rode the e-bike down the road a couple of miles to a provincial recreation site.  Actually, the bike got ridden lots – in both directions.

IMG_9182_thumb1Weather was good, so I ended up spending every night in my hammock, with the bug netting keeping me from having any winged or biting visitors.


Just down the shore, I discovered this shack, or small cabin on a float.


After being largely absent last year, and for the first part of this year, the mosquitoes finally started to make an appearance.  So, I dug out my trusty mosquito leg-hold trap, and began a trapping program!  Winking smile


After another probable Rogers service outage earlier today, I will attempt to publish this – from Open Live Writer!


  1. Anonymous1:47 am

    Super pics & big improvement with live writer; given the very uncertain weather this summer,you have certainly been able to manage some pretty nice expeditions.Look forward to the next post.All the best,A James.

  2. That's great you were finally able to get back onto Live Writer. Kelly tried every thing she knew a number of years ago to get my Live Writer program working but to no avail. It was just too problematic. Looks like you are having yourself a great outdoors summer with nice photos to boot. I am envious of your freewheeling lifestyle.

  3. You need more traps. Everywhere I've traveled this summer has been filled with those "B's"..not sure if the PC coppers are here.
    Just got home and bit 2x..My poor B.K. (barn kat), they go after his nose and other areas..
    Canada is offering me, and 4000 others free passes to your SParks, maybe I can head up 97 past the border?
    Have Fun!