Saturday, August 13, 2022

More travel and camping. Westward bound!

Here we go again – hoping that Open Live Writer pulls through again.  It seemed to work just fine with the last post, but this is the real test.  We are very off-line in a remote BC area along highway 99, somewhere north of Pemberton.  I can’t even look up the name of river because – well, we are very off-line!  And this is the big advantage of Live Writer!

After our last camping expedition up Revelstoke Lake, north of the town of the same name, we decided to head home for a few days to mow the grass and meet up with some old friends. 

It was made a little more interesting by the constant weather alerts and tornado warnings that kept popping up on the phone and TV screen!


How I’m loving Live Writers allowing me to easily drag and drop photos where I want them – so unlike the Blogger editor!


The only damage, if you can call it that, was the top of a tree broke off and fell on the hood of my truck.  No harm done, other than a little sap on the windshield.



As soon as the company and the tornado warnings ended, it was time to check the weather reports and head off camping again.  Not sure if this Grosbeak thought he could get a free ride south with us, but he stayed on the hood of the truck as we drove out the driveway!


We headed back to BC again, because that’s where the hot weather and cool lakes are!

But this time we headed south of Revelstoke, instead of north.  We were lucky to find that our favourite free (is there any other kind?) camp spot was vacant and waiting for us.


The lake levels were still fairly high for this time of year, but there was still enough beach exposed to enjoy it.


Hailey started to wonder if she could actually catch some of those minnows in the shallows!


Once again, having the solar panels on a long cord made collecting the required power a breeze.


Once again, I was able to sleep in the hammock most nights, only putting up the rain fly one night – but that turned out not to be required.


The squirrel and chipmunks kept Hailey occupied – between naps in the sun.


As usual, did lots of bike exploration in the area.WGI_0005 (3)


Finally, a day of cloud cover convinced us to leave, but we checked out a couple of alternate spots along the same lake shore.  Lots of potential.


With not much reason to go home, now that the grass has slowed down its growth, we decided to keep on heading west and see what adventure we could find.  In Kamloops we happened on a familiar looking vehicle, like I used to drive, and chatted with some Alberta wildland fire fighters who were exported to BC to help with some of the fires here.


It was pretty hot in Kamloops, so after getting a few provisions and fuel, we promptly headed north and into some cooler, higher elevation areas that we had previously explored back in 2016.


We stumbled into a rec site at Scott Lake at dusk, and had it all to ourselves for the night.

(Its great! Live Writer lets you crop, turn, adjust the photos right in the editor!)


In the morning, we also drove over to another deserted nearby rec site at Allan Lake that we had previously stayed at.


Carrying on westward, our next stop was at Bridge Lake.  Thanks to a tip a few years ago from another RV’er who lives at this lake, we got a choice, private, free (of course) spot on the shore for a couple of days.



Right above the camp spot, in a huge old tree, well over 100’ tall is a years old Bald Eagle nest.  At this time of year the young and old had already departed, so we flew up to check it out.


Well, that about does it.  The blog is officially up to date for the first time in quite a while.

But, you won’t know it until we find some internet service, and then it will be out of date already.

Loving Open Live Writer.  Without it, this post would not have been possible till who knows when in the future.  With it, we were able to put together this post in a remote camp spot to the sound of white water.


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