Monday, July 15, 2019

Back on the road for a bit!

We’re going to try a new approach to a blog post this time!
Apparently, Live Writer will still not publish properly on Blogger (?), but the problem seems to be with the photos …?
Using the Blogger editor is awkward and counter-intuitive at best.  And that is when you have good internet access.  When you do not have internet access available, well it is downright impossible to design a post.  I’m on the road again for a while and am getting a bit short on my cellular allowance, coverage where I am is very spotty, and free internet is not available here.  So what I am going to try to do is to write the text portions of the blog using Windows Live Writer, and later add the photos using the cumbersome Blogger editor – when I can find some reliable internet.  The other alternative I may try at a later date is to dump a whole collection of possible blog photos onto a draft of blogger when I have fast internet, then later add the text when using an expensive or slow connection!
So here goes … (wish me luck!)
Hailey is doing Ok, and her only concern now is eating enough, and a couple of persistent sores on the bottoms of her hind feet. Both of us are wondering whether or not her catnip plant from last year will re-sprout in the pot it was growing in.  Some of us are more impatient than others!

When not waiting for her catnip to grow, she has to keep an eye on the squirrel stealing the bird seed out of the feeder!

When that tires her out, it just might be time for a nap in front of the fireplace!

Weather in June was mostly cold and wet, but some friends I used to work with decided to hold a party.  And they sure know how to throw a party.  They live on a gorgeous ranch/acreage on the banks of the river.  For the party, they set up a huge party tent, complete with wooden floor, a stage with lights, and even had a food truck and porta potties on site.  For entertainment, they got the Wardens band, all of whom I used to work with – and who I managed to catch on tour in southern California last winter.  They even had an opening act to warm the crowd up. Of course there was lots of room for camping, and there were RV’s tents, vans, trailers parked all over.  And as luck would have it, the weather  was good, just long enough to pull off the party!

The Wardens band.

Back at home, I see a few planes and jets flying over on occasion.  Using the FlightRadar24 app, I am able to determine the type of aircraft, elevation, speed, and origin and destination.  Who knew that flights from Amsterdam and Frankfurt would fly right over my place, on their was to San Francisco or LA?

But not all the planes are airliners on long haul flights.  I’d been seeing some low level flying that was anything but in a straight line.

So I checked it our and found out that it is Kenn Borek Air based out of Calgary, likely doing some training around the smaller airports in the air.  This is the company well known for their rescue missions to the south pole – in the middle of winter!

 I would have thought it was a bit late to still be building a nest, but this robin was having none of it!
During some of the heavy rains, the river was up, and I saw a few full-size green trees taking their final trip down the river.

With boredom coming on, I was contemplating heading for another trip across the country to Newfoundland …  Fortunately, RV friends Don & Donna had a closer suggestion. Hailey and I ended up crashing their party up on Abraham Lake, at one of our favourite boondocking spots.

 It rained virtually all week while we were there, and the lake level was rising, but we managed to get in a tour of a historic coal mine in nearby Nordegg.

 Hailey enjoyed the scenery, and made new friends with the wildlife!

We also lucked out with the weather for a short hike up to Siffleur Falls, after crossing the North Saskatchewan river on a large suspension bridge.

Well, I must say that this publishing attempt using Google Blogger editor was frustrating, lousy, infuriating and bordering on useless.   Things randomly appear, disappear, move, change and stop working!
Turns out I have lots more to post, but have completely run out of patience!  Starting with Live Writer eased the pain a bit, but since adding photos is the achilles heel, and they can only be added with the cumbersome Blogger methods.
More later when I have regained patience and some more internet!


  1. Thanks for the update Ivan. It looked fine even with all the frustration you endured. There sure is a lot to see in this world! Glad you're sharing it with us! ☺

  2. Only Two of our posts were written in Blogger. Tried Live Writer but couldn't get the hang of it. The rest have been written on Word, copied and pasted to Blogger before adding the pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy more adventures.

    It's about time.

  3. Ivan, I know, during the traveling mostly lack of internet, but any way, try to read all posts briefly ( 19 posts ) maybe you can find more interesting places at NF

    Good Luck Alex