Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Northward migration underway :-(

Missed some photos from my BLM camp spot on the south edge of Joshua Tree National Park.  These little guys were more than willing to model – for a few sunflower seeds.


Prices differ.  Before leaving Lake Havasu we got a 30lb propane bottle filled for less than half the price to fill the same one at the Chevron station in Lone Pine!  Lone Pine does have a dedicated propane place which is likely much more reasonable, and I should have known better than to get it filled at a gas station.

North from Lake Havasu, we hung a left and headed westbound on the I-40 through Needles to Barstow.  There was a very strong headwind all the way, and the overhead signs were flashing the warning.


Food 4 Less right off the interstate in Barstow has the cheapest fuel in town, so we filled up there and carried on to the west on hwy 58.  There is a little wildlife viewing area at Harper Lake that has served as a quick and quiet overnight spot in the past.  However, the last time we had gone in there, the 8 miles of well developed washboard shook one of the trailers wheel covers off, and it had been crossed off our list of possible stopping places.  But coming by in November, it appeared the road was now paved!  Sure enough it was, so we were able to get down it to find our overnight spot.  The whole area is now pretty much over-run with new solar power developments.



While one can certainly argue the merits of clean, quiet, non-polluting energy sources, there is also a downside to these developments.   For the thousands and thousands of acres that these areas utilize, every last bit of vegetation is removed, and every last wild thing is excluded.  No more hares, desert tortoises, coyotes, and certainly nothing for the hawks circling overhead to hunt.


Next day found us headed northward on 395, which seems to have become our favoured route the last few years.  I think it has something to do with the scenery, the hot springs, and the closure of the coastal highway at Big Sur.

Along the way we spotted this mobile Veterinary clinic on the move.



At Lone Pine we headed up into the Alabama Hills and out Movie road for some very scenic boondocking.  Last fall’s spot was occupied, but a new location was every bit as scenic.


We are doing our best to go as slow as possible on the northward journey, knowing that we can no doubt look forward to getting stuck in the snowbanks on the driveway at home.  This is the driveway we are looking forward to – photo taken BEFORE the latest storm!  (I think I have snowshoes and skis in the garage!)



One of the diversions used to waste time was a trip over into the edge of Death Valley National Park to a place known by various names, including the Jedi Transition.  I believe scenes from Star Wars were filmed here, thus the name.

At any rate, it is a great spot for plane spotting.  Military jets, in particular!  They dive into this narrow, winding canyon, and fly by below the awestruck spectators who are watching from the viewpoint on the canyon rim.


My camera cranked off a lot of images, but getting the aircraft in the frame and in focus takes a lot of practice, as the planes are flying at several hundred miles per hour, very close to you!


I did a bit of hiking around the Alabama Hills as well.


I took a 360 degree photo here.  Click >Photo sphere from  Alabama Hills


After this – headed back for the left coast!


  1. Some interesting photo's. I love the furry little guy looking into the camera. Too cute.

    Like you we're slowly heading north but not in too a big a hurry.

    Safe travels.

  2. Slowly, snow is forecast for 4 of the next five days.

  3. We sure liked those Alabama Hills when we were there a few years back. So do you got a snow shovel for your drive way when you get back?? You might have to wait till June so ya better put it in low gear and take your time.

  4. Wow! We'll have to take in those Alabama Hills. Great action shots Ivan!

  5. Ivan, nice 360 photo. No rush to North, weather is very bad

  6. Great action shots! My compliments. and both were flying.
    We're going to make a run to Red Deer on the 10th, but another week might be better. Not too warm up there.
    Travel safe.