Friday, July 22, 2016

Nothing to blog about here!

Decided that I’d better manufacture a blog posting, just so everyone doesn’t think that I’ve fallen off the map or moved to Outer Mongolia for a spell.

But really, there has been very little happening.  Just boring work in the fire camp, and some exciting deck building at home on days off …

Of course, I did take a few photos …

The deck re-construction project got back underway.  Still needs railing and stairs – maybe by September?


The time-lapse of the deck project refused to load in a timely fashion  Sad smile

Meanwhile, back in camp, the flowers were blooming.  Strangely, very few mosquitoes (so far) this year.


One day I found this coyote pup laying right beside the road, and only 100 yds from my house.  I pulled up alongside with my diesel truck running and he didn’t even move.  At first I thought perhaps he was injured, but as soon as I opened the truck door, he was up in a flash and dived into the end of a nearby culvert.  Just young, and unafraid.  I caught a glimpse of another sibling who was much more shy and would not come out of the culvert while I was there.IMG_1348IMG_1350IMG_1315IMG_1318

IMG_1388IMG_1382A couple of days later I was walking in the area and spotted something in the tall grass …

Their den is nearby, but they seem to spend most of their time hanging around alternate dens (culverts), waiting for parents to come back with a fat gopher  for them.IMG_1374IMG_1372

Around that time there was some severe weather in the area, including a tornado or two that touched down not too far away.  Fortunately, little damage resulted. These shots were taken at sunset. IMG_3368IMG_3367IMG_3366IMG_3364

Video time-lapse of storm these clouds building!

Check out the video above, or else.  Just spent an hour getting it uploaded on a very slow connection, and then Youtube tells me that I’ve ALREADY uploaded it!


Nope, that’s not my house exploding.IMG_3359

One day at home Hailey was minding her own business, walking across the kitchen table (!), when without warning, one of the placemats leapt up to attack her!


The battle was vicious, the placemat showed no mercy.  It had her pinned down a couple of times, but eventually, she came out the winner!


That’s all for this time.


  1. Always glad to hear from you as others that are not as mobile.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Lots of great Coyote, flower, storm clouds and Hailey photos. Good stuff. Thought maybe you were building that deck big enough to land a helicopter on. Just think, a month from now many of we travelers may be once more swinging our eyes and noses to the south checking that sweet desert mountain air again eh:))

  3. Good to see you are enjoying your summer. Come on back South when you get tired of being up there.

  4. Awesome photos of the incoming storm clouds!

  5. Glad to see you're not too busy working to work at home and stop to smell the flowers. Awesome seeing the coyote pups.

  6. Upriverdavid4:27 pm

    Nice looking Pups..I hope they wise-up..I'm always having to stop on my mountain road and try to talk those goofy grouse..Get out of the road, before you get flat!
    They usually just look at me like I'm nutz!