Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Leaving Why


We got some really good rainfalls when we were down in Why, so I imagine that the desert will be greening up a lot in short order.  There were fewer campers around than when I have been there in past years, but that makes for less dust, noise and traffic.

IMG_0455The hummingbirds were not long in finding the feeder, and beginning to battle over it.  No takers for the bird seed feeder yet this year.

I had a couple of short term issues with my satellite internet system, so in the meantime I discovered that the library in Ajo had great, free high speed service – even accessible from the street when they are closed (Sunday).

IMG_2678I was waiting for a delivery from Amazon, which I was able to pick up from the Post Office first thing Monday morning.


A litle bird told me that I might just find the elusive Wandering Willy  way over in California, so we headed that direction.  Unfortunately, I was already on the road when I learned that Jean & Skip were camped just a bit to the south of me down at Why  Sad smile.  So we missed them this time.  Like me, they tend to blog sporadically, so it is hard to keep up to date on each others locations!

Once again we got ‘reverse racially profiled’ at the Border Patrol checkpoint, and were just waved through.  Even with Hailey wearing her sombrero!

We stopped at the Shell at the east end of Gila Bend for fuel and a dump/fill.  And I noted that they also had free wi-fi thoughout their parking lot!  Residents of the RV park directly behind sure do like their satellite TV!


Hailey does her best to assist with route planning and destination finding – usually in a subtle manner …


Sometime last year I attached some brackets under the windows of the rig where a removable shelf could be attached – a perfect spot for a cat to sit and keep an eye on things outside.  Problem is, there is NO WAY she would actually sit on it!  I tried baiting it with blankets, and treats – which would be ignored for long periods.  Eventually, she would drag them off one by one and eat them.  But she refused to check out the great views!IMG_2639 

Finally I stumbled upon the secret.  NEWSPAPERS!  A weekend edition of the Arizona Republic was all it took to lure her to the spot!  Now she is up there all the time.  Soon I’ll try it without newspaper!  Sorry no pics yet.

IMG_0453IMG_0450Meanwhile, we discovered Wandering Willy in his usual spot off Ogilby Road with friends Frank and Alison, and their cat Diva.  Both cats feined indiference to each other, but I think they both would become friends, given time.  Sorry, no pics (I see a trend here). Soon, my Saskatchewan friends Ernie and Debbie showed up with their dog Moki to add to the mix. (no pics)  I took them for their first ever visit to Algodones, and got my teeth cleaned while there.  We also did a tour up to the Imperial Dam area and had a date shake on the way back through the intensely farmed agricultural areas along the Colorado river – or what’s left of it at this point.

After a couple days, they took off for Palm Springs, with an interesting visit at Slab City and Salton Sea along the way.

I had planned to stay a bt longer, but my plans got changed by a new neighbour who had arrived with one of those obnoxious, loud, industrial generators and set up not far enough away.  After more than a few beverages, I managed to get to sleep in spite of it’s constant roar, but when I awoke at around 0400, it was roaring away full trottle.  What does anyone need that kind of power for at 4AM?  If you’ve got a required medical device or need your A/C on, then go to an RV park or park a mile away for crying out loud!  It was still going at 0830 when I was hooked up and pulling out.  Some people have no clue.  Or are deaf.  Or both!


The good news is … when we arrived at our latest favourite spot off MST&T road south of Quartzsite, it was occupied by about 12 rigs!  How is that good news?  Well, because we then found an even better spot nearby.  Further from the dusty access road, and closer to the highway, and no (noisy) neighbours within a mile!


Only been in to the traffic-jam zoo that is Quartzsite during the big show so far.  But I don’t really mind the traffic and the crowds in town – as long as I have a quiet place to retreat to at days end.  And this is one of those spots.  Expecting Ernie and Debbie and Moki to show up any day, and maybe even Wandering Willy, but there is space for all here.

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