Thursday, May 16, 2024

Headed out for some summer travels and camping.

Well, we made it to our home base (staging area) a few weeks ago, and the weather is gradually improving.  Too much improvement in some areas has brought an early start to the fire season.

But around here, it has been damp enough to limit much hazard.  Last time I checked the app, the local forest protection area was the only one in the province of Alberta without an active wildfire!  That will change soon.

Much of the time has been spent indoors, catching up on odds and ends in spite of my expertise at procrastination ;-)    One of these jobs was to figure out why one of my toilets was not functioning properly.  So I, and my always 'helpful' plumbing assistant got busy figuring out the problem, and knocking things onto the floor respectively!

In spite of all the help, the issue was taken care of!

 Bailey got busy, checking out all the interesting places, both indoors and out.

And, meeting one of the neighbours.  He never runs away, but I often keep him on leash when anyone is around, because he is more likely than not to run up to complete strangers, or campers, or dogs, and try to make friends!

One of his duties of course, is checking out all available boxes!

 With the 5th wheel comfortably parked in it's spot for the summer, it was time to load up the 'summer camper' and get it ready for travel and exploration.

Bailey is in charge of mouse control, inspections, approvals, cupboards, and hiding places.

Some days, Starlink has issues getting online!
Finally, it was time to hit the road, for the start of the summer camping season!

This time of year in the foothills and Rockies, there is still a lot of snow and cooler temperatures.  So, typically we head for Abraham Lake (North Saskatchewan River) where lower elevation valleys can be quite pleasant.
The water levels are still low, the grass is still brown, and there are no green leaves yet, but when the sun is out all is good.

I guess I'll have to remember to bring more chairs next time!
The local Bighorn Sheep herd was out, searching for the first blades of green grass.

Still lots of fresh snow on the local mountains.

No bears knocked on my door this time, but I could see where they had gone down to the river for a drink.

A bit surprised to see some substantial snow drifts remaining in shaded, high elevations area along the road.  Ram Falls Provincial Park campground is still closed and lots of snow on the roads!
Saw a few bands of wild horses on my return along the Forestry Trunk road. 

Trying to get around to whip up a blog post, but something is always in the way!


  1. You've got to love kitty butts!!! You do have some fabulous views, except for the bear tracks. I could do without those this time of year!! Bailey has grown into a beauty!!

  2. Anonymous10:46 am

    Bailey is such a cool cat. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looking forword to more reports

    Dale in Texas

  3. What library is the photo on your laptop? Wow! Cute, fun kitty!

    1. Anonymous4:44 pm

      Not sure. It's just one of the stock photos that Microsoft or Bing puts on there as wallpaper.

    2. Anonymous4:49 pm

      Found it! Library of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (© Lukas Bischoff/Getty Images)(Bing United States)

  4. It's still down in the 30's in the A.M. and up to the 70*s later. The winds have been nutz, two trips to find out what I've forgotten under the tyres. You have a swell furball to keep you warm.

    Waiting for a bit warmer to head south.
    I know, I'm backwards.
    Have Fun!

    1. Anonymous8:29 pm

      It’s been cold and wet here too, since that first trip. No incentive to go anywhere, till the sun shines. At least it’s good for fires and farms! Ivan