Monday, December 04, 2023

Lake Mohave to Quartzsite

 Some parting shots from Six Mile Cove on Lake Mohave ...


That glow in the sky could be the distant lights of Laughlin.

The racoons that thought that the back of my truck would be a good spot to take a dump, wanted to leave their tracks all over, after the light rain!

After a drive down to Cottonwood Cove on the way out of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, there was the long climb up to Searchlight, Nevada.  The route was then down to Laughlin, and Bullhead City.  In Ft Mohave, cheaper fuel was taken advantage of, as well as a visit to a familiar laundromat.
By then, it was later in the day, so I headed up towards Oatman, and found a previous camp spot vacant for the night.  It was very familiar, unfortunately, as Hailey and I camped here over Christmas, and close by to Ft Mohave back in 2018/2019.  This is when everything went wrong for Hailey and we spent weeks at the vet trying to figure things out.  This included all kinds of meds and procedures, including two months where she didn't eat or drink.  Everything she got, I had to supply through a feeding tube they implanted in her neck.  Before the nightmare ended she had to have her front leg amputated in Las Vegas.  A tough little girl, she took it all in stride, and carried on till April of this year :-(

Here's the spot, at sunset, then a few hours later in the moonlight.

From there, only one night this time, we carried on down through Parker, and eventually to our isolated spot south of Quartzsite, near the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

More night photos - somehow the night shots make the rig look newer, and cleaner!

I think this was the Beaver moon, but at full zoom it was more contrast than the iPhone could handle.

Spent over a week in the Quartzsite area, but didn't do much - other than quite a bit of random desert hiking, and a couple trips into town to check out the vendors and get fuel.  For some reason diesel and propane are cheaper here than down in Yuma.

Speaking of Yuma - that's the next place on the itinerary, and some big news coming up ...


  1. Really awesome night shots!, what camera do you use? My old Lumix needs to be replaced and it does not do well in low light.

    1. Anonymous5:29 pm

      All the night shots are with my iPhone 14 pro. It just works wonders!

  2. The phone takes fantastic night time pictures. I’m sure many of your spots bring back memories of Miss Hailey. I like the tree photo, they always make great subjects in that kind of light.


  3. Those iPhones are doing good work it seems. Easier to pack around as well. Good seeing you guys this morning, and looking forward to seeing you again, when we can catch up on all the tall tales.

  4. Nice photos. My wife has played around with her iphone with night photos and we have been surprised. I may have to try it soon. Those Raccoons can be a problem at times.