Friday, June 03, 2022

Spring tours continue!

We wanted to go 'somewhere', but it took a long time to decide where to go.  All lakes still too cold to swim, still snow on all the mountain trails, fuel prices at an all time high ...

Finally, we decided to head east!  To the Drumheller, Alberta area.

It is a very scenic and interesting area of badlands, along the Red Deer river.  It has become famous for the large number of dinosaur fossils that are discovered there, with more eroding out of the hills every year.

The city was originally based around the abundant coal deposits and mines in the area, but now have pretty much adopted the dinosaur as their mascot, and there are dinosaurs on almost every street corner all over town.  There are lots of good biking options around, so I was putting some miles on the e-bike.

At one point, I felt like I was being watched, or followed? Likely it was nothing!

One spot I like to camp is right on the river, a few miles upstream from town.

Directly across the river is a Bald Eagle nest, that seems to get used every year, and this year was no exception.
There was always one parent guarding the nest, while the other was out hunting, or enjoying some soaring time away from the kids.  At feeding times, I could see three little heads come up, looking for a morsel torn from the latest hunt.

The sun had to be just right to see it, but there was also a dinosaur hiding in the bushes just across the river!

The spot is also a popular launch point for some canoe and kayak tours ...

"Wait, where's my kayak?"

Orkney viewpoint is another place that I have occasionally overnighted in the past. Then, last year it sprouted a 'no camping' sign :-(  This year the sign was gone, but I don't know whether it was vandalized or intentionally removed?
 Like many places, and much to my chagrin, signs are posted, but clearly (or not so clearly) are meant to be ignored!  Like - this sign on the wide-open entrance gate!
Even the pit toilets on site had their instructional signs.
Last time I'll go fishing there, I guess :-)


I also spent some enjoyable time hiking in and around Horseshoe Canyon, just a few miles out of town.

Before leaving the area, it is 'mandatory' to cross the river on the free Bleriot ferry!
It's such a short crossing that if the ferry was a little longer, they could just call it a floating bridge!

Where to from here?  North? South? East? or West?

Tune in next time to see where we end up!


  1. Love the pictures of Nature's beauty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your explorations.

    It's about time.

  2. I call them Prairie Ferries. We had some like that on the Assiniboine River in Manitoba. We now live in Salt Air on Vancouver Island, the land of the big ferries.