Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Headed north, via the Left Coast

We enjoyed the time out on Indian Pass road, but it was a bit further from Yuma, so with that in mind the move was made to Sidewinder road, just back of the ‘Center of the World’ in Felicity.  Also, friends Don & Donna  were arriving, and Ernie & Deb had just moved into the nearby park in Winterhaven.

We got together for a few social gatherings, but even then were starting to cut down on contacts.  Enjoyed the last NHL game for the season, likely Sad smile.  There was a mixed bag of weather, including some more flash flood warnings.  We were on higher ground, but a ‘moat’ filled up around us, but did not block the exit.
Wind chill around home still about -29C, so all the Corona should be frozen solid!
We celebrated Hailey's 10th birthday, and one year anniversary of losing her leg.
 It's that time of year, and with the crisis ramping up, we all decided to was time to make a move and start heading north.  We took our last look at the border fence and headed out.
Walmart in Parker was a bit shy on supplies, as I walked through, holding my breath!

I wondered what I could find to drink.  It appears there is a good supply and no hoarding of this beer!
It's usually Spring Break at this time of year, so I thought I would stop by Lake Havasu and see if the 'breakers' were practicing safe, err, distancing!  It looks as if this volleyball game is maintaining a six foot spacing?

 Too crowded for us, so we continued on and found us a nice secluded spot in Mojave National Preserve.  The plan to spend the day 'isolating' was scuttled by bad weather approaching.

So ... we blasted west through Barstow, Bakersfield, and some very active oil areas in SW California, on our way to the coast.

Not sure when this slump happened, but it completely blocked the highway about 5-6' deep.  Fortunately, there was an easy detour around it.
 The nice thing about being self contained, is even at a rest area, there is no need to go inside or interact with anyone!
 Wine country!
 This notice came through on my phone, just as we were exiting Sonoma County!

We made it to the coast, but no photos yet as it was raining (and dark) when we arrived.
Wow, the blog is officially up to date.  That has never happened before.  Don't expect it in the future either!
(tried Open Live Writer again without success - hate the Blogger editor.  I also noticed that my blog failed to appear on the sidebars of many blogs where it usually does - thanks again Blogger)


  1. Looks like you're moving right along. Interesting weather right now with all this rain. Hopefully gone real soon. Happy birthday to Hailey. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Doug! Looks like you and Yuma are doing well with the new rig. Looks like you are close to where I camped at Ajo a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

  2. Making good time to the "Left Coast", I consider the Pacific the 'Right Coast' and Atlantic is the 'Other Coast'. Spent the last couple weeks off-the-grid in Mexico to return to long border crossing lines - learned of the empty shelves in SoCal and large numbers of Americans crossing to buy desired goods. WE had the chance, but did not know there was a need to.

  3. To bad about that cold weather you are heading home to. Hope you don't have any problems or long delays at the border. Sure is a different world suddenly going on right now eh. Wonder if any Canadian RV'ers will make it to the Southwest next winter. A lot of goodbyes this winter may have been last goodbyes. Got your email, thanks. Now get yourself on home ya hear:))

  4. Yikes! This is wild times, eh? We're still in Nevada and hope to head towards Alberta on Sunday. I hope we aren't leaving it too late but the weather at home is not exactly conducive to trailer living!
    Safe travels! (I hope Al isn't foretelling the reality of next season, but it's crossed my mind too.)

  5. Might as well take your time getting home. The borders will not be closed to Canadian Citizens so that will give time for the temps to go up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Trying to go as slowly as possible!

  6. Went to Walmart, Chelan..HWY 97 today..Small town..No paper products..Milk pretty bare except for my chocolate milk.Took 2 left 4 for others...Plenty of beer and ales....
    Just thought I'd give you a heads up if you or Contessa are heading home up #97..
    The weather was up to 60* (f)...A very swell day for sure..
    Safe Travels!

    1. Thanks! I usually hit the border in Idaho, but I'm sure the stores are the same everywhere.

  7. Hey Ivan: It turns out from your previous post you were on Indian Pass Road the same time I was. You actually parked where I normally do. I ended up further down the road, the American and Canadian Flag on the 4Winds. In my research here at home, Indian Pass in a couple of years could see some major changes. While looking at a Technical Report for Equinox Gold for the Mesquite Mine they mentioned an Imperial Project. I was curious what this was. It appears that a Canadian Gold Exploration company Kore Mining is in the process of doing a feasibility to develop a heap leaching gold mine on the road.

  8. Cool! I was impressed by the proper flag etiquette! I wanted to camp up where you were, but I arrived late after a long day, and I wasn't sure if the people from Idaho were in the spot I wanted or not, and didn't want to risk not being able to turn around. Did you see the BP group go by on the quads? Interesting stuff with your research. Maybe they'll pave the road? I'm home now, but don't have the internet to properly update the blog ...

  9. It must be a monthly training for the BP as I have seen them before. From what I have read so far, parts of the road would have to be re-located. Now that is if they get the permits to proceed. A lot of things you come across out there is now making sense to me. Your earlier post this winter for example could have been an Indian prayer circle. The Quechan tribe back in 2002 were opposed to the mine plan then. Here is a copy and paste. "The mine would destroy or seriously compromise some 55 recorded historic properties eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Indian Pass-Running Man Area of Traditional Cultural Concern, items subject to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and religious sites including prayer circles, ceremonial places, shrines, ceramic scatters, petroglyphs and spirit breaks linked by ancient trails." Take care.