Friday, February 28, 2020

Lots of moves across southern California and Arizona

After a very nice time spent in the southern end of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, it was time to move back to the east.  We ended up going back to the same spot off Ogilby Road that we had previously departed a week or so earlier.  We just missed Ernie & Deb, after they had moved a bit closer to town, but surprisingly, Wandering Willy was back, having abandoned his spot up near Bouse to recieve some shipments back in Yuma!  

And, just over the hill and across the wash was John & Brenda and their two dogs!  We enjoyed a couple of mornings around the campfire with them, and solved a few world problems.

As it turned out, the Yuma Ham radio fest was going on at the Yuma County Fairgrounds, so I just had to go in and peruse the wares for sale, and pick up a few electronic supplies that are hard to find anywhere else.

Of course, in the parking lot, most of the vehicles belonging to amateur radio enthusiasts sprouted an amazing variety of antennas, from the roofs, bumpers, racks, wherever!

 Around the same time, there was a big open house out at the Yuma Proving Ground, so I hooked up with Ernie & Deb to check out some of the military toys and equipment on display.

Ernie tries to convince Deb that this should be their next RV!


We wanted to see a Predator Drone that was earlier advertised, but it was unfortunately a no-show :-(
We eased our disappointment by having a date shake on the way home!
If you are looking for the best way to haul your boat around - this isn't it!

Tortoise sighting!  I was sitting inside the rig one day chatting with Ernie, when I spotted this big ol' tortoise cruising down the far side of the wash!
 We kept our distance of course, but summoned Wandering Willy, and John and Brenda to come have a look.  We turned away for a minute or two, and he was  - gone!  As I joked about looking under my truck for it, I suddenly saw that he was no more than 3-4' from where I was standing.
 We maintained a watch to make sure he made it across the access road safely, then left him on his own to search for flowers or food.
Having already spent a fair bit of time on Ogilby road, it was time to head out and visit some places that we missed last year - having spent much of the time camped near the vet clinic in Fort Mohave.
Off we headed eastward down I-8, and were glad to take advantage of the Rv dump and fill the far side of Gila Bend.  First dump of the black tank since Nov 25 in Baker, Ca.!  And it wasn't even full!
Then we headed southward down to Ajo and Why area.  Had sort of intended to spend the time at Why, but the Darby Well road was being freshly graded, so we gave that a try and managed to find a decent spot along a wash with no nearby neighbours.
Grader on Darby Well road.

It's a very lush desert area with lots of cactus of all types, including the Organ Pipe cactus.


It's that time of year when we're starting to get itchy feet and ready to make some miles, but the guy that pulled in beside me a few days later certainly made the decision easy.  He immediately fired up his industrial generator in the back of his truck and let it run all afternoon, even though the sun was shining for all the solar power you could ever need.  Even sitting indoors with all the windows and doors shut, I could even hear it over my television.  When I saw him with the hood up on his Ford pickup, I thought this might be an opportunity for a helpful 'chat'!  Not surprisingly, he had a big attitude to go along with his noisy power plant and he proceeded to inform me that I could not possibly hear his generator from there!  Guess I should have offered him new batteries for his truck - or his hearing aid!
You know you're near the border when you find water bottles abandoned in the desert from illegal crossers.
Wildlife watering facility.  Water supplied from a windmill and solar powered pump on a well.
Next morning - on the road again, and glad to be gone.
This time, it was further east through the Tohono O'odham Nation Reservation towards Tucson.  Before Tucson, we turned south and found one of our usual spots available in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, where we settled in for a bit.  Beautiful scenery and open grasslands.  Lots of Border Patrol activity.  Managed to spot a small herd of Pronghorns near the refuge HQ!
Very crowded camping area!

Glad to see the A-10 Warthogs were still in the area, making a few occasional low passes as a pair of them played follow the leader overhead!

On the move again.  Find out where in the next post!


  1. Very cool 😎! Love that area of Arizona. Fantastic pictures. What a great life you live (except for the generator a-hole). You should do something about all those crowded camping areas.

  2. Rock-on!.....Meow...Says my Kat...B.K.

  3. We've seen a few things in the desert over the years but never a Tortoise. Always great to see those A-10 Warthogs winging over at tree top level. Ah yes, Darby Well Road. So many memories. Yep, know what you mean by 'itchy feet' this time of year. Whenever we decided to head home we just couldn't get there fast enough......and then count down the days for returning to the Southwest. Oh what a life it was for us and oh what a life it still is for you:))