Sunday, September 02, 2018

More BC roaming!

Wow, only a few days since the last blog post!


We left Monashee summit on hwy 6 east of Vernon, and found there were lots of potential overnight spots on the east side of the pass.  Our search for Snowshoe Lk FS site failed, but at least it was a circle route and we did not have to re-trace our route on the rough forestry roads.

Next stop was the ferry crossing Lower Arrow lake at Fauquier.


On the far shore we headed south down the lake to look at some forestry camp sites down there.  This one at Taite Ck looked pretty good, but it was early in the day and it wasn’t time to camp yet.


Next, on the way north towards Nakusp, McDonald Ck Park was worth checking out.  There are lake views from virtually every camp spot, a nice looking beach, and the place looks to be very well cared for.  Again, it was to early, and though nice, not our usual kind of spot.  Once up in Nakusp, there ‘should’ have been cell service, but my phone claimed otherwise!  Here we go again!! The 4th time it has done this since I bought it in April and replaced it in August!  Undeterred (#$^&^%*&%), we used the wi-fi from outside the library, had a bite to eat, visited an ex-neighbour from Lake Louise, and went looking for a camp spot up in the hills.

We drove a long ways, following a poor map, but the roads got increasingly ugly and we didn’t seem to be finding Wilson lake.  It was time for the secret weapon.  Launched the UAV, and what did we see?


A beautiful lake, but far below the road we were on.  After retracing the route, a different fork in the road finally led to the proper spot.


It was a very small spot, but right on the water.  Later in the evening a fellow came down with a Tacoma pulling a very small travel trailer.  The area was so small that he could not turn around.  He didn’t think that even with my help and unhooked, that we could spin the trailer around – so, in the morning, he backed up and out up this very steep road almost a quarter mile before he could turn around!

Reminds me of some of my experience with the 5th wheel down south!

DJI_0314DJI_0319DJI_0320There was an old cabin at the end of the lake.


It was back down and into Nakusp in the morning, and made good use of the wi-fi at the local grocery store, and debated which direction to go next.  By this time the smoke had abated somewhat, but with multiple fires around, it was never far away.

The next nite found us up on a logging road above the end of Slocan lake.  We could see a fire across the lake puffing up smoke, and later that night, could see the open flames.


Arriving in Kaslo the next day, it was clear that my phone was once again not finding any service!  Coincidentally, this was the same place it died last time in late July!  But this time was different!  After spending 3 days and two nights in Creston earlier, working online with the Apple folks, the dreaded ‘restrictions code’ was no longer a factor, so I was able to do a simple reset of ‘network’ settings, and my phone was back in business. Yay!

Got us some fuel and propane in Kaslo, but disappointed to find their only recycling center was 3km out of town and locked up securely!  Checked out a couple of potential camp spots on google earth, and found one that met all the criteria.

IMG_0083DJI_0353IMG_0082Great lake view, good LTE service, zero traffic, often sunny, what more could you ask for?  We ended spending two nights there.  Being unfortunately on a first-name basis with Apple techs, they now call ME, to see how it’s going!  Got to like the service, if not the requirement for it.


Another long debate to decide where to go next, having already traveled all directions from here already this year.  Eventually we headed down to Nelson, and finally found some recycling bins along the way. 


Found out that Kevin and Ruth were just over in Castlegar.  Having missed that area so far this year, it was an easy decision to head over to say hello.  We likely met years ago at a Bloggerfest in Quartzsite?  We weren’t sure, but at least this time, I got to see ‘Sherman’, and they got to meet Hailey!


In the weird signs category, I have a couple of entries. When having an ‘Emergency’, be sure to schedule it M-F, 9-5!


I’m trying to figure out if this gate is open, or closed?  They should have a sign!IMG_0052

Next post coming soon – firefighting airshow!


  1. Wow, you sure have found some fantastic boondocking spots, it also helps that you are more maneuverable than Sherman, and higher clearance.

    BTW, I looked back in the blog and yes, we did in fact meet you at the first bloggerfest, we even have a picture of you. It was great meeting up with you and Haily again and also being able to spend a little more time together than what we had back at the bloggerfest. :-)

    Take care, hope to bump into you again somewhere down the road.

    1. You missed a really good (firefighting) airshow, still going on west of Castlegar.

  2. Yes I remember it was the first Bloggerfest north of Quartzsite. That was the only time we met Kevin and Ruth as well. Only for a few minutes as we were leaving. Some of the places you mentioned today rang some old faded bells for me. That ferry at Fauquier and Nakusp. I remember being down through that area once but that's about all I can remember. It's now nearly 44 years since I left British Columbia and came back to Ontario. I still miss it. That's pretty handy having your very own flying Scout to check the way ahead. Kinda like the Lone Ranger sending Tonto out ahead to scout the trail. Lucky for you your Tonto flies, doesn't eat your food, doesn't drink your water, and doesn't crap in your black tank:))