Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Wandering around Saskatchewan


After visiting both the East and West Block of Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan, we dug out the old backroads atlas and jogged out way across the southern part of the province, enduring a lot of bad roads.  Some were worse Winking smile.IMG_0471

Sometimes, the paved roads are worse than the gravel ones, with patches on the patches!

I don’t mind a good gravel road (and there are lots), but if there is washboard, or the traffic heavy enough that dust and rocks launched towards your windshield becomes a problem, then they are not so much fun.

IMG_0473IMG_0474We headed down to the Big Muddy valley where I had done some wildlife work a few decades ago.  The scenery still looks the same, but the cell service is better now!


From there, it was off to Estevan, and north past Moose Mountain Provincial Park, stopping in to visit a college classmate along the way.  He is working on the restoration of a beautiful, historic stone house with ties to his family.


Morning visitors showed up to check us out at a random waterfront overnight camp spot

IMG_0480IMG_0481Photos out the window.


Speaking of the Saskatchewan back road atlas …

I must have been paying attention when I spotted the cover photo of the atlas as I was driving along!IMG_0494

After that there was some more aimless wandering back to the west, then south west through Ft. Quapelle, and the corner of Regina.  This put us in range of the town of ‘Dog River’, the fictional location where many seasons of ‘Corner Gas’ were filmed.  I knew that most or all of the set was gone, but most of the downtown locations are still there.  Billboards at the original location have photos of the gas station and the ‘Foo Mart’.  The elevator still bears the Dog River name.

IMG_0505IMG_E0502IMG_0504IMG_0506The hotel and bar;  the ‘Howler’ office …

IMG_0497IMG_0498And of course, the home of Dog River PD.  It’s for sale, if you are interested.

IMG_0500Next, we joined up with Ernie & Deb and their dog Moki in the town of Elbow, on Diefenbaker Lake.  While they camped with some friends at an RV park in town, Hailey and I preferred our own private spot on a hill overlooking the lake.


This update has been sitting on the back burner for a coon’s age now, waiting for some updates before publishing, but the time has come to send it out whether it is ready or not!  Here goes!

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  1. Well that was a nice little drive through southern Saskratchewan and of course I liked the dog river photos having been there a few years ago. Corner Gas is still on every day here and although I've seen every episode over and over I still enjoy dropping in to watch the gang doing what they do time and time again. Still my all time favorite half hour comedy series ever. Keep the wheels rolling and don't let the dust settle on your socks...…...