Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lakes–Havasu, Mohave, Mead.

We only spent a few days near Bouse, Az with John & Brenda, Jean & Skip, and Wandering Willy.  The weather was a bit of a mixed bag, but we usually managed to squeeze in a happy hour, and a morning fire over by J&B’s.  I did a bit of hiking in the area and explored some natural caves, washes, and evidence of old mining exploration in the area.


I left Hailey to guard the rig and get caught up on her sleep one day while I made a run up to Parker, up the California side of the river, crossed the dam,


and returned with a brief stop for some groceries in Parker.  Along the way, I met with some of the representatives of the burro society that live in the area.


I also drove by a lot of RV parks and campgrounds that you could not pay me to stay at!  Thousands of rigs all jammed together, all trying to get closer to the river.  Not for this camper.

Meanwhile back at Bouse, Jean & Skip were ready to move back down to the Yuma area, and Wandering Willy was planning his quick route back to British Columbia.  I was ready for a change too, so made the short hop up to Lake Havasu.  It was the long weekend and the usual BLM area south of the city was crowded, and other areas usually vacant were packed wall to wall!  Turns out there is a big Fireworks event going on at Lake Havasu at SARA park on the south edge of town, and people were packed in at any available space within a mile or two to get the best vantage points.  Fireworks went on for two or three nights in a row, from well before dark more or less continuously till 10 pm.  I have never seen so many fireworks in my life.  Even back in camp, the explosions and flashes kept going long after I had given up watching.  I did manage to snap a few photos …


I didn’t stay in Havasu long, but managed to get in my annual hike up Lizard Peak, or Table Top mountain as it is also known.  The trail was busy, so I did not get to see any of the large lizards along the trail.


Getting restless this time of year, so Hailey and I headed north, briefly into California, back into Arizona, and eventually into southern Nevada.  Nevada Telephone Cove was the destination, but I was careful this time not to arrive until the long weekend was over!

Fortunately I was able to find a nice spot on the beach.



Even the access road seemed to be in better condition than I remembered it.


Got up into the hills for a look around. 


The water level is fairly high and it was rising while I was there, but it still seemed to be only about waist deep on the ducks and gulls!


In keeping with the ‘lakes’ theme, I think our next move will likely be up to Stewarts Point on Lake Mead.


  1. Great pictures as usual! We are going to have to visit some of those sites, they look awesome! ☺ This RV park life isn't for us either! Can hardly wait to get outta the one we're in!

  2. Know what you mean by those super crowded RV Parks along the river around Parker. Can't even imagine for a split second why anyone would ever want to voluntarily live like that for the winter. Guess it's a good thing we all don't think alike. Keeps things running smoother I guess. Nice clear waterfowl photos.

  3. Great pictures. Cute burro.

    Actually I'm glad they are all packed in those parks, more room out here for the rest of us.

    You always find the best spots Ivan. Thanks for sharing those wonderful views.

  4. Great pictures as always. We can only hope to see all the wonderful places that many other RVers have visited.
    We used to be part of that crowd travelling from one park to another. Since Kathy has experienced being "Off the Grid" she can't stand them. Quartzsite with our closest neighbour being withing five hundred feet bothers her now. Then comes the dreaded return to Ontario and our Base Park but that is a necessary Confinement.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Great bird shots!
    Those burros are so darned cute.I love the camp sites you seem to find so easily.