Friday, July 07, 2017

Saskatchewan Road Trip

Well, we managed to stay home for only 5 days before hitting the road again!  Friends (Driving Miss Donna) were planning a fishing trip over at Meadow Lake Provincial Park, so we decided to head over that way.  It was in an area where I was based as a Saskatchewan Conservation Officer many years ago as well.


The anglers in the group complained that the fishing was not that good, but when I was along, a few pike were caught and thrown back.


Other fishers were also on the lake, traveling in a line convoy, before spreading out line abreast to capture their breakfasts.


Lots of changes in the park since I last worked there.  New roads, new campgrounds, trails, and lodges.IMG_8079IMG_8078

I was surprised to find a sign documenting a large fire I worked on when I was there.  Ice still covered Greig Lake when the fire started, but within a couple days the ice was gone and water bombers were scooping water from the lake.  It was close to cottages on several nearby lakes, and I recall driving through the subdivision, conscripting firefighters as I went.  People would avoid the bars when there was fires in the area, as the local RCMP would love to go there and gather ‘firefighters’ for the cause.  Things sure have changed, but it was legal back then!


One cottage subdivision was having some flooding problems evidently.  A sandbagging machine was on standby.


Hailey kept busy keeping the squirrel population wild, and wary.  One guy was such a serious camper that he brought his gas-powered log splitter.  I guess he knows what kind of wood is supplied here!  And he was buy splitting wood enough to last for a week.


When we left the Meadow Lake area, we next stumbled onto a music festival – at the Ness Creek site, near Big River.  Country at the Creek.  And we had a bonus visit with friends in the area.


Weather was cool and variable, but mostly good.  Could someone please tell me why some people leave a noisy generator running all day when it’s sunny and nice?

Still on the road… more soon?


  1. How far east are you going this time? Might we have the privilege to see you in person again? Hope your trip is uneventful!

  2. The generator question is one I asked myself last week out at the Bighorn. The only answer I could come up with was they need it to keep the beer cold.

  3. That was quite a loony line up you had there. The summer is sure ticking away quickly. Next month at this time we'll have our sights set on September. Bought ourselves a GoPro 5 today so we may be needing some help in setting up one of those professional Ivanesque broom handle selfie sticks eh..............