Sunday, July 12, 2015

On the Road, and in the Air

There have certainly been challenges the last while with trying to keep a blog anywhere near up to date.  As well as going through two new laptops, and re-installing all my programs and files three times, there were also some serious connectivity issues.

Our internet in the fire base camp is beamed from the source in town to a mountaintop fire lookout about 70km out, then another 15km or so down into the camp.  Although well grounded, a lightning strike managed to fry a few components of the system.  Repairs take time and require multiple helicopter flights to first assess the damage, then return with new replacement parts.  We do have a satellite based back-up system which has not been used for a while, and it turns out it now requires a change to a new satellite.  I was getting by, using a blackberry as a hotspot, by parking in a strategic spot along the road where there was some cell coverage, but that only worked well for quick e-mails and the like.  And to make matters worse, our communications guy got sent up north to help with the fire situation up there.


It has turned into a busy fire season in much of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, but not much has been happening in our area, so most of the crews have been shipped out to areas where there are fires.  That makes things pretty quiet in camp.

IMG_9110I think they even closed it for a while?  But I wouldn’t know, since Hailey and I were off on another working road and flying trip to the north country.  Like last fall, there was a need for a short term tower person to fill in for a while, and I guess we were on top of the short list!


Our ride for the first part of the journey was a brand new 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 4X4, with leather seats, back-up camera, and a touch screen entertainment centre.  Nice!  I hope I don’t get too spoiled by it.


Hailey settled in for the long drive north to Peace River.  I told her she was going on her 5th helicopter trip, so she decided to practice a bit with her flying box.


The next day we were off early for the 45 minute flight in to the tower.BisonFlightBisonTowerApproach

Our temporary home came complete with a screened in porch full of plants and the yard had squirrels and groundhogs to provide some entertainment for Hailey.  I wouldn’t let her climb the tower with me, so she decided to get up on the roof for a look around herself.IMG_2260IMG_2295IMG_2294IMG_2291

Lots of groundhogs here, and at first I thought I might have to use stealth to get a decent photo.  I started from up in the tower.



Soon, I realized that they were not that afraid and I had to back off in order to get the telephoto to focus.


Hailey spotted one a bit too far from it’s escape hole – and took after it.  But I noticed that she was careful to run slowly and not actually catch up to it, since they were about her size!

Most towers I have been to have had ‘safety’ rings around the ladder.  Like this one I was at last year.


But this brand new tower is wide open, with nothing to block the view.  Must be a govt austerity program!  I wasn’t sure I would like it, but now I prefer that there is nothing to get snagged, and like the extra elbow room.  And, it’s only 100’ down.IMG_9184


I know some tower folks who have not spotted a real fire in a long time, but as luck would have it, I was only up in the tower a couple hours when the ambient smoke cleared enough for me to spot a large column of smoke to the north!  I called it in, and soon the area was the centre of attention.  Two bomber groups were dispatched and did a good job of surrounding the blaze, but crews worked on it for the next week, keeping it to around 5 hectares or 13 acres in size.  On another rare clear day, I could see huge smokes to the north and east of the tower.


Other fires in the area necessitated the evacuation of the tower that Hailey and I spent time in last fall.IMG_9247IMG_9171


That’s all for now …….!

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  1. Groovy selfie shot with your broom handle pole. Great butterfly photos & that is indeed a nice looking helicopter. Hailey has had 4 more chopper rides than I have. Ever thought of BBQ'd Groundhog. Cute little Devils eh. Your doing a good job out there Smoky, keep it up:))