Monday, January 19, 2015

Cat + Camera + Tree

It’s not even two weeks since I last convinced myself to update the blog, so I’m doing pretty well I think!IMG_6561

After endless battles with computers and buggy software, I think I have finally got Hailey’s video up on Youtube! The worlds greatest cat-photographer! (That’s my opinion anyway)


Anyone hear that it is ‘illegal’ to fill propane containers after dark in Arizona?  I hadn’t, but went to get one filled at a truck stop along I-10 in the evening and that’s what they told me.  So, I did what anyone else would do and went to a different station and … got my bottle filled!  I also discovered a hot springs right beside the truck stop.  It’s called El Dorado, and as most reviews state, its rather – umm, rustic!  You can soak in a private tub for $15/hr or ‘semi-private’ for $10.  Bathing attire is not permitted! I checked out the semi-private option and found that there are multiple bathtubs essentially scattered around the grounds, so once you’re in one, it’s fairly private!  Their website does not show photos of the tubs, but you can check out lots at this link.  (I didn’t see any nudity in these pics, so you can safely look, or not depending on your taste)  Signs say that cameras are not allowed (no surprise), so I guess those photographers were bending the rules?

After leaving the BLM area near Buckeye, Arizona our route took us took us south to Gila Bend and then west to Yuma.  The few days in Yuma were mostly spent visiting relatives who spend part of the winter there, as well as checking out the wares at the Arizona Marketplace.  After that it was out to Ogilby Rd where Wandering Willy and his cohorts had set up camp along American Girl wash.  And as mentioned before, Jean & Skip were also in the area.  A few days were spent based out of there, while zipping across the line to Algodones, Mexico for some teeth cleaning and to see the sights.  Had the feeders out, which attracted a flock of finches.  One had lost most of it’s beak somehow, but it still seemed to be able to eat just fine and it looked otherwise healthy.  Do they grow back?


Finally got some use out of my gold pan!


A couple days later I got a call that some additional relatives had arrived in Yuma, so back I went for a couple more days.  One of the spots I ‘camp’ while there is a favourite location for model aircraft flyers.  So one morning I gave a demo of my helicopter to the guys that were there.


When I left Yuma again, I wanted to check out the Blythe Bluegrass Festival.  I got there late in the afternoon, and they had quit charging admission for the day, but I got to see a couple of acts perform for free!


The music was excellent, but I decided to keep rolling on to Quartzsite instead of sticking around for the following day’s performance.  The peace and quiet from the last time I was there was gone, replaced by crowds and traffic jams.  That said, I could see the floor in the ‘big tent’, sometimes, and there was still indoor seating at McDonalds!


Out in the desert, it’s generators, quads, and a constant roar, replaced by generators, lights, dust and campfire smoke in the evening.

I spotted some excellent deals at some of the off-site vendors.  Cutlery and coffee pots are on special!


After this, I think we’ll be headed for some peace and quiet, but have no idea what direction that will take us next.

Of course, we could always decide to show up … here!



  1. Loved the Kitty-Cam and the birdies!

  2. Thank you for Hailey's video; I truly enjoyed it! :) Blessings, Lynn

  3. Absolutely loved your cat-cam! As a big cat lover (5 of my own), really enjoyed the cat's eye view provided by the intrepid Hailey. Always look forward to your posts. Safe travels to you and Hailey.